What is Creative Minds?

The Creative Minds Bursary Programme is especially for children who might never experience the excitement and liberation of creating art.

What are the goals of the programme?

To empower children through art, to enrich the lives of children whose families may be financially strained and/or children who are struggling academically or socially.  

It is through Creative Minds that we hope to show students some of art’s most important lessons and how these lessons can be applied to other areas of their lives:

• There are many ways to see the world

• When solving a problem, there can be more than one answer

• The arts celebrate multiple perspectives

Why is Creative Minds necessary?

Some of the founding principles of the CM programme maintain that Kaleidoscope does its part to engage children in an absorbing interest, to foster self-esteem and provide positive role models. Children who are recognised as in need can come to Kaleidoscope to find a place of acceptance and participate in art activities that keep them interested and involved.  We believe in this way CM children can move forward into their teens from a more stable background and better withstand the pressure of the teenage years.

How do we reach our goals?

Creative Minds was launched in January of 2010 and through community support, we have had more than 264 children enrolled in either our after school art classes or art camps.  Our reach extends throughout the island, with Creative Minds students from Port Royal to Elliot Primary to Bermuda Christian Academy.  Any deserving student is welcome.  

Last year we continued to grow by reaching into neighbouring schools to offer ‘field trips’, schools bringing whole classes for one off lessons and also classes coming once a week for the school year.  We have a number of pre-school, primary and homeschool groups in this category.  These groups are able to pay a nominal fee for each child and the CM Bursaries are used here to offset the total costs of the classes.

We plan to continue our outreach to local schools this term by asking for recommendations from school staff who are in a position to observe children on a daily basis. 

What have we changed?

When we started the bursary programme Kaleidoscope cast its net wide for any child in need.  Our doors are open for every child who wants to be here.  In order to have a maximum effect, however, we have recently begun to develop strong ties with Devonshire and other close primary schools, pre schools their staff and their PTA’s.  We have also found it most beneficial to children if the same group is invited for a year of art classes and also attends camp. The continuity keeps the children connected to us and our ethos of learning and empowering through art.