Why is KAF a charity?

KAF believes that every child should have an education that includes and embraces art and that all children should have the opportunity to create art.  With this in mind Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts, created the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation charity so funds could be raised to reduce fees and therefore make classes and camps accessible to all children.

Funding also enables KAF to bring teachers from abroad to put on specific workshops for the community – these benefit the children, the KAF staff, artists, other teachers and our adult membership.

If we have paying students and regular classes, then why are we a charity and why do we need companies to donate money?

Although we have paying students their costs cover those of the individual only, not the fees of children unable to pay.  KAF raises funds to keep tuition costs down for all students.  We are aware that though we have many families who are willing to pay they are not necessarily able to afford the full costs.  KAF believes art should not be a luxury item, for well off families. Art should be be readily available for every family.

You can help support KAF in many ways!

  • JOIN as an Annual Member. KAF offers annual membership to everyone at any age.
  • DONATE money to KAF or directly to our Creative Minds Bursary Fund
  • DONATE your time and volunteer.  We run many events throughout the year when we need extra hands on deck!