Fall Class Registration is now open!

You can view our full class schedule HERE.  For registrations after the start of term, class fees will automatically be pro-rated for classes missed.   Class pricing remains the same for 2021/22 – all of our class fees are pro-rated for the number of weeks in the term.  We have all of our usual favourites with a few new additions including a special Pop Art class and a new Art for Change offering.  Please feel free to email us with any special requests for classes to add to our line-up.  We are working on a few more options as well as on the relaunch of our popular garden classes! Sign Up for classes HERE

Upcoming Camps and Registration

We’ve got a great line-up of camps for you this school year!  Here are the dates for upcoming camps, registration opening dates, and themes.  

October Camp – Bermuda Biennial – October 24-28 – Registration details to be announced.

December Camp – December 19-23 – Registration details to be announced.

February Camp – February 7-17 – Registration details to be announced

Easter Camp – March 29-April 9 – Registration details to be announced

Summer 2023 – July 4- August 18th – Registration details to be announced


Register for classes and camps at: www.bookeo.com/kaleidoscope


In-person classes are currently running – we have developed several outdoor learning spaces and classes/camps will be outside whenever possible for added safety.  Please note that our COVID19 protocols follow the Bermuda Government Return to School and Day Care after Travel Guidance.  Our COVID19 protocols are reviewed monthly or at the time of any changes to Bermuda Government guidance, whichever is sooner, and the latest can be found HERE.

Check out our new Youtube Channel!

We’re getting so excited about the launch of our new early years Youtube channel full of creative activities for you and your littles to explore at home using minimal materials and maximum fun! Check it out HERE.

Art Kits

Art and sensory kits are currently on hold but check back regularly.  If you would like to have us develop a kit for a special event or project, please email us!

KAF 365

We have seen that children, given the freedom to question and create, through messy play and outdoor exploration have gone on to be deeper thinkers and more enriched human beings. But don't take our word for it – listen to the ones who have experienced Kaleidoscope for themselves. Please join us on this journey just a dollar a day can help us to build our bursary funds, fix our infrastructure, and support our Creative Minds programme in public schools. A dollar a day can empower more children.

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