Welcome to the ART+ and After Art+ Program at Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation. Art+ was developed to care for children in a relaxed, stimulating environment where they feel safe and happy. This program creates an atmosphere where children feel it’s their home-away-from home, allowing children to explore and learn without the more rigid, traditional approach to education.

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Art Connect

Kaleidoscope’s Art Connect program is partnered with Bermuda Education Network. These lessons provide process-based, experiential learning support through art lessons to Bermuda’s primary school children. This assists in students’ self-expression, confidence, creativity, and innovation whilst reinforcing math, social studies, geography, and literacy lessons through applied learning. 

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Our popular camps cater to children from 4yrs to M2 level with week-long creative programs that encourage children to think through projects and ideas themselves, building confidence in their own skills and abilities. 

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We cater to children from 18months through to Senior School with engaging hands-on art and outdoor learning.

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Creative Minds

The Creative Minds program provides experiential learning opportunities for public school students, as well as professional development training and creative learning methods for their teachers.

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Have the Kaleidoscope experience at home with our newly launched art kits and sensory play boxes. The art kits are based around contemporary artists both in Bermuda and around the world and new kits will be launched monthly. Each kit contains all the materials you will need except for simple household objects like scissors, napkins, water, and a comfy place to work.

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Play Therapy

Play is a children’s natural medium of communication. Children can use play to help understand their muddled feelings and worries. Play therapy provides a safe therapeutic space where children can express and explore their feelings at their own pace with a trained therapist. Play therapy enables children to communicate, gain better control of their behavior, make choices for themselves, reduce anxieties, develop more fulfilling relationships and improve their self esteem.

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KAF 365

We have seen that children, given the freedom to question and create, through messy play and outdoor exploration have gone on to be deeper thinkers and more enriched human beings. But don't take our word for it – listen to the ones who have experienced Kaleidoscope for themselves. Please join us on this journey just a dollar a day can help us to build our bursary funds, fix our infrastructure, and support our Creative Minds programme in public schools. A dollar a day can empower more children.

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