Our diverse staff of experienced teachers and practicing artists are always bringing something new to our menu of art and outdoor classes. With a small class size and focus on building each child’s unique voice, classes teach more than just art & outdoor skills and techniques,  but also build self-confidence and self-reflection, develop motor skills and visual-spatial abilities, and help observation and experimentation skills.  Art and other hands-on skills prepare children for the future.  

Our current schedule can be found under the latest tab, and registration is at www.bookeo.com/kaleidoscope.  Don’t see a class that meets your needs?  Email us – we are always open to creating a new class around particular interests or scheduling needs!

KAF 365

We have seen that children, given the freedom to question and create, through messy play and outdoor exploration have gone on to be deeper thinkers and more enriched human beings. But don't take our word for it – listen to the ones who have experienced Kaleidoscope for themselves. Please join us on this journey just a dollar a day can help us to build our bursary funds, fix our infrastructure, and support our Creative Minds programme in public schools. A dollar a day can empower more children.

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