We wholeheartedly embrace the mission for Bermuda’s Public School System developed by the community in Plan 2022: To provide all students with equitable access to holistic, varied and high-quality instruction that is culturally relevant and empowers student to reach their full potential. To achieve this, community partners will play a vital role, and Kaleidoscope believes that we can contribute significantly through our Creative Minds program. 

KAF’s Creative Minds curriculum enrichment program provides process-based, experiential learning support through art and garden lessons to Bermuda’s preschool and primary school children. This assists in students’ self-expression, confidence, creativity and innovation whilst reinforcing math, science and literacy lessons through applied learning and increasing students’ abilities to engage in regular classroom teaching. KAF also supports teachers and schools through professional development sessions and modeling of effective student- centered teaching practices, as well as parent outreach. 

Pre-COVID19 over 250 students a week attended Kaleidoscope with their teachers for bespoke art and gardening lessons and we are currently building online resources until we can host fieldtrips again.  Now in it’s 10th year, the program serves many different student needs and we are always open to hearing how we can better serve public school students and teachers.  


Creative Minds Creative Space In Any Place

“Use these simple suggestions and ideas and start to develop your maker space”

Creative Minds Story Time

Creative Minds Colour-Tactic Times!

Creative Minds Express Yourself!

This series of videos is called “Express Yourself!” We take a tour of feelings and emotions and how to express them using gesture, noises, colour words. We address the difficulty of recognising feelings when wearing masks.

KAF 365

We have seen that children, given the freedom to question and create, through messy play and outdoor exploration have gone on to be deeper thinkers and more enriched human beings. But don't take our word for it – listen to the ones who have experienced Kaleidoscope for themselves. Please join us on this journey just a dollar a day can help us to build our bursary funds, fix our infrastructure, and support our Creative Minds programme in public schools. A dollar a day can empower more children.

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