What is Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation (KAF) 
and what is its mission?

KAF is a non-profit community arts center dedicated to teaching art to children. Our mission is Empowering Children Through Art.

Why is Art Education Important?

Art in schools used to be thought of as time off from academics.   But a growing body of evidence supports the opposite view.  Art has been shown to teach children important things not addressed in other school subjects visual spatial abilities, self-reflection and experimentation.  Art also prepares children for the future.  Education experts tell us art helps students learn to observe — something naturalists, climatologists, writers, and doctors need to know how to do. Encouraging children to think visually and use mental images to solve problems is a talent used by chemists and architects to create models and inventors use to come up with new ideas.  Art engages students thinking. 

Who founded KAF and why?

KAF first began as a profitable summer camp, created by Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts.  Over the years its growth demanded a permanent home and the founder saw the need to add art classes, in addition to camp, and make them accessible to all children who wanted to create.

Consequently, in 2006, Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts formally started the “Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation”, Bermuda charity number 765. This, coupled with the opportunity to rent the old Elliot School in Devonshire, began the realization of creating a community arts centre.  KAF was founded as a charity for two reasons:  firstly, to better enable KAF to offer art classes and camps to children from all backgrounds and secondly to fill a growing need within the community for more art education for children.  Almost all private school primary departments lack an art teacher, and the public primary schools have art teachers instructing multiple subjects or are splitting their time between two schools if they have an art teacher at all. 

KAF opened its first classroom in October 2006 to offer art classes to children. It now has three operational classrooms as well as a large outdoor garden space. Classes are offered to toddlers through to adults though the emphasis is on children.  Classes run through the three school terms and there are 14 weeks of camps offered per year.

In addition Kaleidoscope has become known for its creative Fibre Festival with visiting artists conducting workshops and classes. KAF employs teachers and has a low student-teacher ratio of 10:1.  This makes our overhead much higher, but our contact with the students has a much greater impact. KAF has built its reputation on providing quality art lessons.

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