About Art+

The Art+ and After Art+ is a play & art-based learning space. We pride ourselves on a small ratio of students to teachers who facilitate learning in a fun, loving and gentle environment. The key to discovering hidden talents in children is to allow them to teach us how they are learning by exploring age-appropriate boundaries. Children will experience play and create with limitless imagination. Children are able to gain more one-on-one attention tailored to their individual needs and desires. Their experiences here at Art+ program are meaningful and productive. We welcome you all and are so happy that you have chosen the Art+ and After Art+ program to be your child’s early childhood learning experience.

Mornings, children explore the outdoor learning space later coming indoors to investigate learning and sensory stations around the classroom. Here they are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners and to achieve great satisfaction in art-based activities that are infused with the building blocks of learning. Children are encouraged to gain fulfillment with open-ended activities and explore the endless possibilities of learning.

Afternoons, students come in for quiet time which leads to collaborative activities promoting togetherness as a group and in the community. Children are encouraged to think of themselves as part of a whole and support each other while making a small difference in the community.


KAF 365

We have seen that children, given the freedom to question and create, through messy play and outdoor exploration have gone on to be deeper thinkers and more enriched human beings. But don't take our word for it – listen to the ones who have experienced Kaleidoscope for themselves. Please join us on this journey just a dollar a day can help us to build our bursary funds, fix our infrastructure, and support our Creative Minds programme in public schools. A dollar a day can empower more children.

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